Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where to Begin...Power to the Pacifier!

Let's just say I am a little obsessed with binkies. Anyone who chooses not to use them must be insane. My sister-in-law recently had a baby and asked when mine first started using pacifiers. Being that the first month after the twins were born is a total blur; I just looked through my pictures and had the answer. My twins started using their binkies at two weeks, and were addicted by two months. I swear that the binkies are why they are happy little boys who hardly ever cry. Do I worry about still using them? No. They only use them now at nine months when they are tired or cranky. They can go the whole day without putting one in their mouths. However, if binkies abound, and are in easy reach, they will use them more.

I love Soothies. I decided to use these because they are shaped like a nipple and will fall out of their mouths once they are asleep. At first, they needed the binkies to go to sleep. Then over time, because they fell out, they started to spit them out once they were about to crash out. The other binkies that are shaped to fit the mouth are more likely to remain in their mouths as they sleep. I would think that would lead to a more intense addiction.

Looking back at my pictures it is funny to see how these binkies look when they first used them. I think they took up half of their faces! It is no surprise that the main image on this blog is of Carter and Gerrit sucking away on their little binks.

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