Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Your Cup Runneth Over....My Pump Runs Dry

I am now sitting at my computer ten months after my babies were born.  In my freezer lay 5 little plastic baggies with 1.5 ounces of breast milk in each one.  7.5 ounces.  That was all I ever managed to get.  And that does not include all the empty bags that ended up in the trash after nothing came out.

Unless you have super boobs, do not expect a bountiful supply of excess milk in your freezer when you have twins.  Your twins will suck you dry.

Yesterday we went to the doctor, and my boys' weights had fallen.  We were advised to supplement.  It is like going full circle.  We supplemented the first few weeks they were here, and now we are back at it again. 

We decided to start with their last feed of the day.  Lately it has taken so long that I am kind of glad to give it up.  The result?  One happy daddy who now gets a chance to feed a tired, snuggly baby.  And, one happy mommy whose babies didn't spend a half hour each trying to get the last few drops out.

Now I just need to get that bottle drying rack back from my sister in law.....

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