Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm Sorry, So Sorry...

Poor kid.  There you are changing a diaper, feeding a baby, etc., when the inevitable happens.  The other twin starts to cry.  Whether for some unknown reason, or they have fallen over and bumped their heads, the wailing begins.  Do you rush over right away like the mother of just one child?  Do you set your toddler down and rush over like a mother with older children? Or, do you just yell across the room, "I'm Sorry!" as you finish the task at hand.  If you are the mother of twin is is likely the last option.  Unless you are an octopus with extendable arms this may become one of your most used phrases.

But, I believe that the use of this phrase has created somewhat patient little babes (I know, I know - I am not yet at the terrible twos).  After months of yelling "I'm Sorry" across the room and feeling just awful, the other twin will now come over and just rest their head on my leg or knee until I am done. 

I'm telling you, this twin raising thing definitly has some perks. to run... my twins are screaming their heads off upstairs refusing to nap.  Oh well.  I can't win them all.


  1. It's funny i never realized some things that mothers of twins do differently then mothers of one. Like what you have mentioned here. Of course i know there are a lot of things but after i read your post i though about it a lot more lol. I would love for you to follow my blog as well ^.^

  2. Hi Rebecca - I love your blog, almost everything describes the exact same experiences I've had with my twin girls :-)

  3. Hi found your blog through the multiples and more blog. It's great to read about the experiences of other moms with twins.