Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Go Out and Actually Accomplish Something!

When I was pregnant I dreamed of the time when I would go out with my twins in their double stroller.  People would smile as I cruised along accomplishing my errands.  That twin stroller, which I made sure turned on a dime and fit through doorways, was my ticket to freedom.

So, my very first trip out I was not prepared for the sheer number of people who would stop me.  Literally get in front of my stroller and force me to stop and talk to them.  I won't go into details, but it took me an entire hour to buy 3 things.  An entire hour.  And when you are tied to breastfeeding, those moments between feedings are precious!

I attempted this task a few more times before I realized that the problem was not that I had the most adorable twins on the planet that everyone wanted to see (which is true by the way).  The problem was that I was strolling around with blinking lights, catchy music, and a sign that said, "Twins!  Come take a look!"

If I was going to get anything done this had to change.  Enter the baby carrier.  I soon realized that one baby in a sling and one in the shopping cart attracted a lot less attention.  Instead of 100 inquiries, I would get about 4.  And I had this handy cart in which to put everything!  I would carry one boy in a New Natives Sling until about 4 months, and I have used an Ergo since then.  The other baby went into the car seat carrier propped in the cart.  As they grew, the car seat disappeared and one baby rode in the built in shopping cart seat.  I still do this, but I have also regressed.  They love to ride in the carts, so I now often put them in the cart seat side by side, or just let them ride in the main compartment.  I get a lot more comments again, but it is still better than using the stroller.  Even if I am just picking up a few items, I hardly ever use the stroller.

My double stroller still gets plenty of use, and it is always tucked away in the back of my van.  But, sometimes the best part of having twins is looking back and realizing how nothing turned out as planned.  Instead you get to give yourself kudos for figuring it all out and realizing what a rockin'ly smart mama you turned out to be.

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