Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Advantages of Twins

I recently made a list of advantages of having twins for a friend when she was pregnant.  (I wish I still had it because it would make this post a lot quicker to write!)  She had been a little down after all she heard were horror stories from other twin moms.   Why people do this do each other, I will never know.  There are numerous benefits to having twins.  This list probably isn't long enough!

1. Grandparents can't get jealous of each other because there is one baby for each to hold.
2. Double the snuggles.
3. When one baby isn't sure it wants to eat something, they often do when they see their twin eating it.
4. You become very efficient at everything.
5. You get to dress them alike.
6. They play with each other from a very early age.
7. They are more content to be left alone by you because they always have a companion.
8. They sleep better also because they do not feel alone.
9. It is easier to feed them solid food because you're not left with as many leftovers as when you try to feed just one baby.
10. The dad is a very involved parent.
11.  Did I mention double the snuggles?

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  1. This is fantastic, I'm having artificial insemination for twin boys. Seeing someone make a list of good things is helpful (: