Friday, May 28, 2010

How to keep your kids in the tub? YooKidoo!

Recently my boys started to try climbing out of the bath tub.  They are not yet big enough to accomplish it , but it was starting to stress me out.  My sister in law gave the boys the coolest bath tub toy for their birthday.  Not only does it keep them obsessed with staying in the tub, but I no longer have to run a trickle of water for their entertainment.  This is also a good thing because it keeps their attention away from the hot tap.  The toy is by Yookidoo and is called the Yookidoo Flow 'N' Fill Spout.  It uses a battery to recirculate water and comes with three different cups to play with.  I can not say enough about how great this toy with.  When bathing twins, anything that makes life easier is great!

Oh yeah, and my mother bought them the cutest robes recently.  I had received bath robes earlier as a gift, but found them useless to use on a baby that can't walk.  But, these robes have also made bath time easier for me now that they are walking.  This is because my husband and I used to have to both be present at the end of bath time to pull two babies out of the tub and into their towels safely.  Now, with these robes, only one of us needs to be there to pull one out at a time, and send them out the door knowing they are warm and dry.  Did I mention they are super cute too?

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