Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pretend your twins are older then they really are.

Huh?  Who doesn't want to slow down time, stop their babies from aging, or prevent their infants from becoming toddlers? Ummmm.... me. 

Over the last two weeks my boys have started walking.  I have to admit that my joy is for mostly selfish reason.  I no longer have to make two trips to get the babies in the car.  I no longer have to make two trips to get the boys outside to play.  I no longer have to make two trips... oh, you get the picture.  I take each one by the hand and away we go.  Now, it may take us 5-10 minutes to actually make it across the yard to get to the van, but once we are there - we are gone! 

So, Carter was the only one who could actually walk when we made our first attempt at this.   Gerrit was held up by his hand as he stumbled along trying to keep up.  But, he made it to the van and was soooo proud of himself.  Now they are both walking.  Today they took my hands and tried to steer me towards the door to go outside.  They were most upset when I forced a detour to the living room.

To get outside you have to go out the back door and onto our concrete porch.  There are no railings and there are three large (well worn smooth) stone steps to climb down.  After one week of trying to keep them off the porch and carrying them down, I gave up.  Yesterday I opened the door and let them crawl across the porch and down the stairs all by themselves. They did this sort-of scraping ,slide down the steps, slither.  But, I figured if it hurt, they would complain.  Again, I got huge smiles of accomplishment when they got to the bottom, and my life was made a lot easier.

I sometimes wonder am I too lenient?  Is my mother reading this and having an internal heart attack?  Probably so.  But, I think that as a mother of twins you have to let your children grow up faster and be more independent then you ever imagined you would have allowed.  Maybe it also stems from the fact that I was not the first born child, and so was left to my own devices more.  Who knows?

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